Teambuilding – Sorsapuisto Park

The session teambuilding will be held in Sorsapuisto park – Duck Park. Sorsapuisto is one of the most popular parks in Tampere where you can find anything from an ice-cream stand, a basketball court, a pond with its famous ducks, and in July the participants of Tampere 2015!



Teambuilding & Committee Work – Sampola Education Centre

Committee work will be hosted at the Sampola education centre, which arranges lectures, courses and study circles in various fields. It is a recently renovated school building located at close proximity to the other session venues.

Openin Ceremony


Opening Ceremony – Tampereen Teatteri (The Theatre of Tampere)

The opening ceremony of the session will be held at Tampereen Teatteri – the Tampere Theatre. This venue is situated in the central square of Tampere. It is one of the two major theatres in the city, with a main building that was completed in 1913.

Theater of Tampere


Reception of the Opening Ceremony – The Town Hall of Tampere

After the Opening Ceremony, the city of Tampere will host a cocktail reception for the participants of the session. The reception will take place at Raatihuone, the official town hall of Tampere. The building was restored extensively a decade ago, in order to look as it did when it was first built in 1890. This venue is also located in the central square of Tampere, right opposite the Opening Ceremony venue.



General Assembly – University of Tampere

The general assembly of the session will be held in the aesthetic main hall of the University of Tampere. The university is a culturally committed institution of higher education with the social mission of educating students who understand and change the world. At the moment, approximately 15 000 students enrol at the university.


Deco Tampere