The City of Tampere was established on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids by the King of Sweden Gustav III in 1779 and soon grew to be Finland’s industrial pioneer, continuing to become the largest industrial city in the country by the 20th century.

Tampere summer

With such prowess as an industrial city it comes as a surprise that Tampere also manages to hold on to Finland’s natural beauty and stay close to nature by being located between two large lakes and taking good care of its vast outdoor recreational areas. This might also be the reason it placed as the ‘most attractive city among Finns who plan on moving’ in a recent poll.

Silent Tampere

Nowadays Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and continues to be one of its most rapidly developing regions. It also happens to be the largest inland center in all of the Nordic countries with over 217,000 inhabitants.

Last but not least, Särkänniemi. One of the most popular amusement parks in the country, it comes with Rollercoasters, an aquarium and countless different rides and activities. Owned by the city of Tampere, it is a must go summer experience for most Finns.